‘Emily’ is an alabaster carving of a female figure restraining her dress in high wind carved  by an unknown artist in the 1930’s. Alabaster is a relatively soft stone with a beautiful translucency and colour variation, and is sensitive to heat and prone to discolouration  due to its high porosity.

The statue was broken completely off the base and was repaired earlier leaving discoloured adhesive on the breakage surfaces. The surface had a greasy dusty layer.

The old adhesive was removed and the breakage was repaired including infilling losses on the surface. Once re-assembled the sculpture was stable and did not require further reinforcement.

After a light brush vacuum, all surfaces were swab cleaned, waxed and buffed to a soft sheen. The hands and folds of fabric responded very well to the waxing, and the natural veining in the stone was clearly visible.

Conservator repairing alabaster statueMegan Sypek, Objects Conservator repairing the base after re-assembling the carving to the base.

Conservator repairing alabaster statue

Conservator applying wax to alabaster statuteApplying wax to the surface during conservation treatment.

Conservator applying wax to alabaster statute

Conservator buffing alabaster statueBuffing the alabaster carving completing the treatment of the statue.