Adelaide City Council, Three Rivers FountainLarge project conservation, Three Rivers fountain, John Dowie,1968, Victoria Square, Adelaide, South Australia; City of Adelaide

Our sculpture conservators are specialists in assessment, conservation, maintenance, repair, restoration and relocation of sculpture and monuments in all media and of all sizes.

Materials we commonly encounter include stone, metal, wood, fibreglass, plastics, concrete and ceramics. Sculptures range from small carved ivory figurines to monumental bronzes; church and garden statuary to war memorials.

Artlab conservators aim to slow down deterioration and improve appearance by a variety of means including: cleaning, repairing and re-securing broken or loose elements, reinstating missing parts, as well as solving engineering-type problems which enable a sculpture to be displayed, moved or stored as safely as possible. Infilling losses, regilding and re-lettering are interventions we are able to undertake to help return the object more closely to its original appearance and the artist’s intent.

Our services include advising on storage and transport, improving crate protection, devising and producing display mounts, and assessing objects for suitability of display or loan and risk of damage.

Monuments which commemorate historical actions, events or people act as focal points for communities (for example, a war memorial on ANZAC Day) and their maintenance and care is vital to the preservation of these significant landmarks.

Artlab’s extensive experience in conservation works to heritage monuments ensures that project management, work health and safety, logistics and engagement of specialist contractors are undertaken professionally and effectively.

Our work is guided by the AICCM Code of Ethics and Code of Practice, and The Burra Charter: The Australia ICOMOS Charter for Places of Cultural Significance 2013.