Photo of South African War Memorial (Boer War Memorial) by Adrian Jones, City of AdelaideSouth African War Memorial (Boer War Memorial) by Adrian Jones, City of Adelaide

Artlab Australia is a recognised leader in the conservation of cultural collections with a national and international reputation since 1985.

A South Australian government agency, we provide expert services for the preservation, care and management of the state’s cultural collections. We work principally for and in partnership with the major collecting institutions and, additionally, we support collections in community hands - regionally, nationally and internationally, on a fee-for-service basis.

Our skilled and professional conservators undertake stabilisation, repair and restoration of a huge variety of artefacts. These range from major artworks and ethnographic and historic artefacts, to archival documents and records, large technology items and outdoor monuments.

In addition to complex and delicate practical treatments, our services include disaster preparedness planning, environmental management of display and storage conditions in order to prevent deterioration, and research and analysis that contributes to both the development of conservation practice and to a greater knowledge and understanding of cultural artefacts and works of art.

We offer preventive conservation for collections, training of conservators through internships, conservation capacity building projects overseas, and education and advisory services to support communities in the preservation of their cultural heritage.