Bradman Collection Museum at Adelaide OvalBradman Collection Museum at Adelaide Oval, North Adelaide, South Australia

Artlab has over 30 years’ experience in completing preservation needs assessment surveys for small and large collections across Australia and overseas. The surveys focus on the broad needs of the collection and its building environment, identifying problems and potential risks within the collection and storage areas.

The survey report we produce makes practical recommendations and indicates costs for improvements which can be achieved by staff, as well as recommending future equipment and material purchases.

The National Library of Australia funds preservation needs assessments and other activities to support the preservation of collections through the Community Heritage Grants program.

Our surveys follow the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM) Preservation Needs Assessment Template, as specified in grant funding guidelines. Report recommendations are often used to support further grant funding applications. Our PNA reports also include training recommendations which are beneficial to staff, volunteers and collections alike.

Our preventive team can discuss survey requirements for a collection and offer advice around obtaining a grant for an organisation.