An early 1900s gilded framed mirror was bought to Artlab for conservation treatment. The mirror belongs to a collection at Seppeltsfield winery located in Barossa Valley, South Australia.

The mirror received a general clean and two missing copper letters, P and I, were handmade and gilded by the conservator. Several other letters were straightened and repaired.

All loose letters and the new replacements, were re-attached to the back of the mirror and stabilised.

Repairs were carried out on the frame, including in-painting losses and small dents. The surface received a protective coating of linseed oil and a lightweight backing board was attached to the frame with a new hanging system.

Brush vaccuuming mirrorFilipa Quintela, Objects Conservator, brush-vacuuming mirror.

Conservator cleaning back of mirrorGeneral clean on back of mirror in preparation for application of letters.

Conservator gilding lettersGilding new handmade copper letters.

Conservator gilding letters

Conservator re-attaching letters to back of mirrorRe-attaching loose letters to back of the mirror.

Conservator applying coatingApplying protective coating to the frame of completed mirror after conservation treatment.