Photo of water damaged printWater damaged print

Artlab provides disaster recovery services to organisations, businesses and individuals to assist in responding to and recovering from a collections disaster incident. This involves limiting the immediate effect of a disaster situation followed by the professional retrieval and salvage of an organisation’s collection material or family’s treasured items.

As the first 48 hours following a disaster are the most critical for the salvage of damaged material, our professional and timely response will not only reduce the extent of damage to individual items but it will likely save a larger amount of your material.

We can assist with urgent actions including drying wet material appropriately and managing adverse consequences such as mould outbreaks. Our services also include condition assessment, treatment proposal and remedial conservation. Treatments such as smoke removal from paintings have much greater success when undertaken promptly, so please contact us should you need assistance or advice.

If you have experienced a collections disaster incident and require disaster response and recovery assistance, please 8207 7520 during office hours. 24 hour, 7-day disaster response can be provided to clients as a pre-arranged service.


Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM)

Blue Shield Australia