1838 discovered map of Adelaide: 3D scanning and a multi-analytical investigation webinar, presented by Roberto Padoan from Artlab Australia.

Detail of mapDetail: Plan of the district of Adelaide; Light, Finniss & Co. 1838. HT2020.01; Migration Museum; History Trust of South Australia.

The South Australia and Northern Territory division of the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM) opened a series of Chinwag Webinars on conservation experiences, projects and research to AICCM members and external attendees in 2021.

Chinwags are designed to be monthly short informal moments for conservators and conservation scientists to share their experiences, findings, questions and solutions encountered during their work. Presentations can be of 15/20 minutes followed by questions and answers.

The first Chinwag webinar in the series was held on 12 August 2021:
1838 discovered map of Adelaide: 3D scanning and a multi-analytical investigation, presented by Roberto Padoan, Principal Conservator Paper and Books from Artlab Australia.

The map, produced in the office of Colonel William Light and Boyle Travers Finniss, Light Finniss & Co, Adelaide is from the collections of the Migration Museum located in Adelaide. The map, originally thought to be printed, came to Artlab for condition assessment and re-housing. During preliminary examination, it became apparent the map was completely hand-drawn and was identified as an unpublished early drawing of Adelaide and its suburbs. This lead to further detailed analysis and research.

Artlab and University of SA representatives talk about the process of 3D scanning the map and the multi-analytical investigation behind this compelling collaborative project between Artlab Australia, State Library of SA, Migration Museum (History Trust of SA) and University of South Australia.

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