Monitoring Ageing Processes of Paper Artefacts by Means of Imaging Spectroscopy webinar, presented by Roberto Padoan from Artlab Australia.

SampleNationaal Archief – National Archives of The Netherlands, Bihanne samples database: Mapping of the colour differences (∆E) induced by five aging cycles of combined thermal and light ageing on a 20th century printed paper.

The South Australia and Northern Territory division of the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM)  opened a series of Chinwag Webinars on conservation experiences, projects and research to AICCM members and external attendees in 2021. 

Chinwags are designed to be monthly short informal moments for conservators and conservation scientists to share their experiences, findings, questions and solutions encountered during their work. Presentations can be of 15/20 minutes followed by questions and answers.

The second Chinwag webinar in this series was presented on 25 November 2021:
Monitoring Ageing Processes of Works of Art on Paper by Means of Imaging Spectroscopy, presented by Roberto Padoan, Principal Conservator Paper and Books from Artlab Australia.

Can this object go in an exhibition? For how long? Has this exhibition caused a damage to the object? How can I asses in a quantitative way the risk of a damage that has already occurred or that might occur in the future? This presentation aims to offer a possible path to answer these questions. A report on some practical experiences in the use of quantitative hyperspectral imaging for the monitoring of ageing process in works of art on paper and archival material during exhibitions.

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