Artlab recently at Launceston Airport re-installing Miss Flinders at its new location in time for the Airport's 90th year anniversary.

Miss Flinders aircraft at Launceston AirportThe 90th anniversary celebration at Launceston airport on 28th February 2021 after the unveiling of Miss Flinders.

Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG), in Launceston, Tasmania engaged International Conservation Services (ICS) and Artlab Australia in March 2020 in a collaborative project, to move the aircraft Miss Flinders from their main gallery; dissemble and pack the plane's parts for temporary storage in Hangar 17 at Launceston Airport.

Launceston Airport expressed an interest to exhibit the aircraft within the terminal building and discussed the possibility with the custodians of the aircraft, the Tasmanian Aviation Historical Society (TAHS).

Tasmanian Aviation Historical Society contracted Artlab Australia to assist the TAHS team with the reassembly and installation of Miss Flinders in February 2021 in its new location. The aim was to complete the work by end of February to celebrate the 90th year anniversary of the official opening of Launceston airport. Miss Flinders was successfully installed in the terminal and unveiled during the 90th year celebration on 28th February 2021.

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